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Bts scenarios you hate him

“Just let me show you off Y/N,” he practically begged, “E/N always wanted me to take her out to these things. I ship you with jin!! Honestly you both would be perfect together talking about fashion, cooking and having fun, he would problably give you a couple name like majin xD. Originally posted by bts-gfx You reached your hands down to pick up your little girl, Yoonhee. When you showed up out of nowhere. Yes, jealous. you had invited him to come to your house: you had finally ended your mid-terms and you needed a day to unwind from all the stress. This blog dedicated to snsd, exo, bts, and shared all imagine about them from One minute you hate a person when you think he is a criminal and did you . He couldn’t dare lose you, but when the news broke out that it was too late for you, it was as if someone stabbed him in the heart. I hate you for leaving me. Please, donate if you can, I hate afternoons with san were always eventful, you never had peace and quiet with him. “I hate you. The gang member jerked the gun at him, demanding Suga for his wallet “I know you hate me doing it, but I did it to protect you and our baby. Namjoon (Rap Monster): “Nooooo! BTS when you don’t want to sleep alone I’m such a coward, I hate sleeping alone in a place that is unfamiliar to me~~ Please enjoy the weekend, everyone! Lots of love to my dear A. He was busy with his phone in one hand, and was holding a thick ass book with his other hand. You stood up from the edge of the bath tub where you were sitting and looked at yourself in the mirror. ADULT CONTENT RI Read Suga ~ I Hate You from the story BTS Imagines by hellchyeahZL (illegirl) with 49,580 reads. . Of course, he had no idea what a period would actually feel like, but he could tell that it would definitely be unpleasant. Seeing as that the only reason the fans are hating on you is because of him, he would blame himself entirely. A/N: This idea seemed so cute to me I hate these kids for making me have feelings. Then came the seventh day, which is when the guys decided to visit. I hate this and you just as much as you hate me. “I’m sorry, noona. So let’s go. He is used to being a very likable person, so to hear you say that you BTS Reactions : I Hate You. Originally posted by bwiseoks. You refuse to call him oppa just to annoy him (BTS Reaction) requested by @koneko14 ^_^ ~Em Jin: Jin is not okay with this. But he knew you weren’t teasing and a piece of his heart cracked. ” He easily begins dragging you back towards them room. you helped him get back . Suga: He would hate to admit, and he would hide it very well but he would be very worried when you got sick. Jimin: His face would drop from amusement to serious in one swift motion. He’d probably be shocked at first to see your sudden change in personality but ultimately find it extremely cute. Bonus: Taehyung figures out you like him and blows up your phone. His eyes fell to the floor as thoughts had raced through his mind and absent mindlessly shook his head. Thanking him you took a small sip before bursting out with laughter as he struggled to find a place next to you. You needed to think of a clever way of telling him, and you had a week until he got back home from promotions with his group BTS. com/stevendengg Twitter: http://twitter. I will burp him and rock him to sleep, don’t worry. “I hate maths as well, Y/N,” you glanced up at him and gave him a small appreciative smile before your head dipped back down continuing to try and You had been surprised when he offered a massage after you came home from work and saw how stressed you were. You're one of the most beautiful girls that has ever walked this earth. ” You whined. Soon you found the day was just about to end, when you realized a few of the girls were waiting for you. Baekhyun took your hand and pulled you closer to him. Hope it goes well! I hope you all have had a good day today! Oooh I like this one… Reminds me a lot of me! Hahaa, well thank you for the request ;) BTS - When their girlfriend is cold but clingy. You turn your head and look him up and down, you don’t hate him; not at all. Sep 23, 2015 · Scenarios masterlist Kim Seokjin (Jin) • Handsome guy (fluff) Min   Originally Answered: What don't you like about BTS? It's only since the starting of LY era that I found myself not invested in them anymore, although I still listen  I like pineapple on pizza, I don't like strawberry flavored things, I hate mango, I don't . You thought to yourself, it’s going to be a long year. But jin, he is a smart and loving guy, he would hate seeing you cry so he would do everything to make you happy. You pulled half of all the covers off of him and pulled on you. ” You lie. So if pulling against him won’t work, this might. Jimin is a great singer, he’s a member of BTS, and you, well you’re a nobody. Jin is not okay at all. The love of his life. Once you had too much to drink you confronted him, fuming and in front of . when you told him you were feeling upset, he’d place kisses all over your cheeks and forehead, cuddling you all night until You were finally pregnant after months of trying with your sweet husband Yoongi. 15 Jun 2019 Mafia! BTS reaction to another gang threatening their pregnant wife Here you go anon. ” You stare at him for a second before scoffing, “E/N only used you for money and fame, never even cared about you so don’t compare me to her. bts-imagines-scenarios-fanfics. Read 💡When You Turn Him On💡 from the story BTS Scenarios by Hobi_Little_Devil (Hobi's Little Devil) with 9,669 reads. [If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them here] "Promise me, Quinn, that if you ever experience something like this, you'll share it with us. Apr 19, 2016 · BTS Reaction- To You Hugging Them From Behind. He’d give you lots and lots of love - probably poke you when you give him unexpected Him: “_____-ah, promise me, if any of your followers, be it a boy or a girl, ever ask you to meet up and you really really want to go, then take me with you, okay? And if I shouldn’t be by your side then, take someone else you trust and who could help you if the person turned out to be violent or abusive or whatever. bts scenario: you’re sad/upset. BTS- Finding Out You’re A Princess Anon asked: A bts reaction to finding out that their s/o is a princess in her homeland (something like she was keeping her identity a secret so she could live and BTS reaction when you are angry with them Still no requests :’) so I decided to write this, but it’s longer than I had expected it to be, sorry Jin : Seokjin would want to make it up to you immediately, but he’s also mature enough to give you some time and space if you need it, or to put you in your place if you are getting angry for Sep 16, 2018 · THIS WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT! THANK YOU BTS Follow me in all my social media! Instagram: http://instagram. You don’t even know how surprised and actually happy I was when I saw you that night. You're a jewel and we can't stand you leaving," Taehyung requested. jungkook You would have to know him well enough to notice the subtle changes in his behavior, like how he would tense up when you greet an idol that has named you as their ideal girl or when he grabs the nearest set to you in a variety show whenever possible. The fourth, fifth and sixth days were filled with you asking yourself why. You were always a sucker for oldies but when Jimin told you to sing him your favorite one, you were shocked to say the least. Patting the empty space beside you, you beckoned him to sit down. Who’s your OTP (includes fictional characters / non kpop celebs)? 5. I hate you for leaving. “You can’t just run out, we are doing this project. Jealous of his grades, and brain. What is one food you know you’d hate in Korea? 4. You’re worried you’ll make yourself obvious by being too friendly so to You made him what he is today. And that is when, you absolutely had it. You understood for the most part, you loved him and everything that came with it but sometimes you felt like an emotional punching bag for him, a way for him to vent rather than seek comfort. When he found out you were diagnosed with cancer, he made it his job to get the most reliable treatment for you. ” He grinned, proud of the research he did in the kitchen. “ I’m sorry baby girl do you want to repeat that”. And now he broke down the third time, as he was telling you what had happened and watched you cry with him. She loved being this close to him and knew she could trust him while heartedly. Hurting you was never an option, hurting the people you hate was. “It’s honest too. It’s not like you like him, you’re kind of jealous of him at the moment. He gently kissed both your cheeks, and finally your lips, his warm lips wet from your tears. You’re lucky she doesn’t know. Originally posted by minyoongihoseok. Jeonghan : He wasn’t having trouble sleeping, he was just planning what the next day would be like when he felt you cuddle next to him. You honestly have zero experience in being someone’s asisstant. He’d hate seeing you in pain. Yes he’s a good person, he wants to treat you right, but he doubts you’d use ‘nice guy’ to describe him if you could hear all the filthy things running through his head every time you’re around. Undressed you with his eyes a lot. You locked eyes with him before looking back down at your work mainly due to embarrassment as you felt your cheeks go pink, he would think you’re an idiot if he saw what was confusing you. You got up sighing deeply in order to calm your crazy beating heart and walked towards the golden platted room hoping you’d impress him. What started out as him just grabbing your boobs repeatedly and then massage your sides, turned into his fingers suddenly between your legs. . Jungkook lifted the covers and got on top of you, pulling the covers over the both of you. Actually you had remotely no feelings about him at all. You tell him that it was going on for awhile and you were so thankful that he was able to make everything right. - Amelia. The ‘nice guy’ you kept telling him he was. Looking at Yeontan, you watched as Taehyung debated whether to make him move. Jimin’s grades were improving dramatically and that may or may not be because of the way you would light up and hug him when he showed you the high score he made on an assignment. Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE Answer: I’m girlfriend zoning this. Request: “Text request. Your feet plant on the floor and slide as he pulls you. I thought to myself ‘getting sick is the best thing that’s ever happened to me’ because I got to be close to you and slowly you seemed to become more attached, you didn’t hate me anymore and we got along. and my dear ⌇ READ HERE CINDERELLA ( jhs ) You hate princes and yet you can’t seem to help yourself around Jung Hoseok, who just isn’t like other princes. (you guys I literally almost cried I finished this and wanted to post it by 10 but then something happened and it deleted and I hate to write it all again akhwdhaewh HERE YOU GO ENJOY OKAY) Jungkook - The argument would probably continue on from there, Jungkook yelling about how that was how she really felt all this time and how she should have told him earlier instead of making him go through all this. So you begin to act “cold”, because you don’t want to be clingy BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. He was just  14 Oct 2018 all edits are mine DO NOT steal the format is mine, if you want to use it, just pm me DO BTS as your boyfriend blog, so I hop scenarios - Jeon Jungkook home. anyway! as some of you know, life has been quite hard for me lately, and with my grandfather being recently diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer among other medical difficulties my family is running short on money. Send me some scenarios you want based on BTS. ” you reached your arms up again to prove your point but little did you know that he wasn’t paying attention to you in the slightest. Placing a tiny little kiss on your head. May 31, 2017 · “can you grab the pan from the top shelf,” you asked him, “i can’t reach it. One day, after a particularly long day for Vernon of promotions, you decided to ask him why he always took it out on you. Eventually he would realize that it’s his class, and would return to teaching loudly and using you as a demonstrator, even if you did hate him he knew he couldn’t take opportunities away from you just because you didn’t’ like him. bts’s reaction to you waking them with a BJ “Note: The gifs used in this reaction aren’t mine so credits to the owners ” Kim Seokjin Jin would prop himself up on his elbow, he’d watch you with his 1. Dec 30, 2015 · BTS Reaction to Missing You On Tour So, I came up with this idea just recently and thought I’d have a go at writing this. ” bts yandere bts scenarios yandere bts imagines yandere bts reactions. ” He would kiss the top of your head and cuddle back. Why did it get to this point? Why did everthing go wrong. all the money from Well I have theright dose of chic and weird for you. But once again, it’s not at all what you expected. Loves your curves, but would take you to work out with him, and probably turned everything into a contest so you wouldn’t notice. user uploaded image Bts Scenarios, Bts Twt, Bts Quotes, Taehyung, Bts Jungkook Well then this book is just for you:) Just a compilation of various craz. “I hate you, you know. A/N: Even though I did all the members for this particular reaction, please remember to only choose 4-5 members for reactions. The fan’ reaction was even worse. He finally let go of your face and you huffed while rolling off of him. "And you're not ugly, noona. He should have known that one day you would say something more; that you would try and make him realize the damage he was doing was doing to himself. “I hate him! I hate him… You’re his favorite student, but you hate him pt. You looked down and smiled at your son eating away glad he was finally able to. He watched as you could only cry, your small frame shuddering in front of him. Jin: thats really cute! Seokjin would find it absolutely cute that you accidentally confessed to him. Hello I love your blog so much!! I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction to you accidentally confessing to them! Please take as much time as you need!! Thank you so much!! I’m glad you like the blog hun. It would be hard for him to handle so he’d just hug you until you stopped crying before he’d ask what’s wrong. Took him a long while until he finally mustered up the courage to do it; But by the time he did,you already had figured out his plan lol; You heard him practice in the bathroom: ‘Y/N,would you–. that’s one of the things san is good at- making you relax and have fun, even if he’s a pain in the ass sometimes. You smiled back at him and began to feebly laugh. The media didn’t really react positively to that. You were to have dinner every night with the boss, amongst other things, there was a whole schedule, but you never fully feel like a prisoner. You knew it was not a good sign because they were not happy with you. Y. falling apart because of his mistake. His obsession has no limits. Oct 25, 2015 · Anonymous inquired: Could you do a smut with Yoongi where you 2 hate each other but your forced to ride on his lap in the car and the bumps and turns cause some problems for Yoongi, you notice and decide to make it worse. If he was in your position, he’d want you to comfort him, so the least he could do was treat you nicely now. He would quiet down for a couple of classes and would call on others to demonstrate instead of picking you. They stared at you silently. Masterlist. I hate you Y/N!. Seokjin: Jin found the fact that even in your sleep you reached out for him absolutely adorable. “And promise me that you won’t do something like this bts scenario: you use your safeword. thank you sm for your request han! hope you like it! love you! :) xx → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: jin’s motherly instincts would kick in and he would be at your side within a few seconds asking you what was wrong. in front of him. Please I write for BTS and i'm a hella fragile bean {admin tae-mato} mobile masterlist ♥ “You should divorce him if you don't love him. Earbuds stuck in and eyes sealed tight, you wondered how on earth someone could sleep through a ride where bumps and noise were an affliction to rest. You hated crying more then anything too. It broke him seeing you like this. a/n; My requests are still open so if you’ve got one send it! -gabby Jin- He would be startled at first but then once he realized it was you he would press himself into you and wrap his arms around you and then turn his head to kiss the top of your head and tell you he loves you okay now i want to hug Jin guys. His arm jerks as We write BTS scenarios, most to least, reactions, ships, and more~ We are here to make your imagination come to life! Request something you’ve imagined with Bangtan and we will try to bring it to life through our writing. So credits to owner of this idea n_n What would boys do if you had a huge argument and they slap you in the face (accidentally) but later when you made up already and were okay with each other when they lifted hand (just because for example to scratch head or something) you Dec 11, 2015 · You were so proud of Jimin, even though you knew he wouldn’t let his little brother go, he wouldn’t ruin the friendship of three years because of a stupid mistake. Seeing the smile on your face and the way you snuggled against him would him, however, make him hug you back tightly instantly. 2 Request: You’re his favorite student but you hate him (Maknae line). JIN IS BEING A B*TCH TO JIMIN, YOONGI HATES ME, JUNGKOOK IS stress, the game does have its more lighthearted moments, like when you . He himself didn’t cry often, but somehow you always got him emotional. “what are you feeling. He would grin at how perfect you were, Oct 12, 2013 · Anonymous asked: Okay I saw it on one of scenarios blog with other band but I'd like to see BTS in this situation. ’ ‘Let’s spend the rest of our lives together! omg no i’m going to scare her away’ You couldn’t help but laugh •Jungkook: It was never easy for him to see you cry. Based on the BTS Reaction: “meeting them again after you disappeared for 2 years without an explanation” Like hobi and jimin. Ask Box: ALWAYS OPEN - Scenarios/Reactions: CLOSED (Please be patient ). Well. If you were cold or if someone or something made you feel comfortable. M. You made me realize how it feels to have an older sister. Jin: He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. 5 Nov 2017 Type: Smut, fluff, love/hate, hate fucking, romance, University!AU You glared after him, before rushing into the bathroom and locking the door  Read Suga ~ I Hate You from the story BTS Imagines by hellchyeahZL You were paranoid because of him but the worst part is; you don't even know why he's   12 Aug 2018 BTS reaction: their s/o yells 'I hate you' during an argument- (Taehyung, I killed him so you'd be closer to me, not so you'd try to leave. XOXO Admin Tina :)xx ~ Masterlist (Source: bangtanshopex) You were so list imagining the worst scenarios that could happenwhen you heard your surname being visible on the wide screen. You always treated him like a regular human, never had you treated him like a celebrity unless it was just teasing. No matter what he had to change he would do it. But if it gets too much, don’t hesitate to share it with us, okay?” His assurances would always end up with a hug and a kiss on the both the nose and her cheeks. He would go to the store when you were asleep and by all kinds of medicine not really knowing what to get, and when you woke up you would see him pouring medicine for you. ” You watched him as he walked into the master-bath to turn on the water in the big jetted tub. ” Biting his lip, he takes your hand, before you allow him to hug you as you cry, fists balling by your sides as you bring them to his back. (m) | 02 jungblue: “ Part 1 | Part 2 (completed) Pairing: Jungkook x Reader Genre: Angst/Smut Description: You hated him  8 Jun 2018 ~BTS reaction~. In him you can see a little bit of everyone else and then within that you see him as well. He screamed as you jumped back scared as you have now seen what you’re doing is actually hurting him, “I can’t help it if I hate my body, Taehyung!” You shouted back, as he turned back around to face you, eyes puffy an red, “After all the times I have complimented you, after all the times I have told you that you are perfect to me in Would you be willing to do a scenario where BTS was stressed about work and starts picking at little things about the reader and complains to the other members about it not knowing reader overheard them and she tries to fix the things they complained about without letting them know she heard and how they react when they find out? Sep 08, 2016 · BTS Reaction; Their Child Asking Them Not To Leave After You Two Fight Anon Asked: CAN YOU DO BTS REACTING TO THEIR kid ASKING THEM NOT LEAVE THEM & MOM SINCE THEY BOTH GOT INTO THE FIGHT ?! Sep 21, 2019 · The Best of BTS (BTS Scenarios) BTS Scenarios/Stories. Requested: BTS reacting to you crying because of them . He swears that you cuddling him, helped him fall asleep faster, therefore he makes you cuddle him now every night. You took out one of the bottles from the mini fridge in her room -it was always more convenient than having to go to the kitchen for it- and brought it to her lips. ?” Jimin asked. hey everyone i’m back!!! i missed you all so much and i hope you enjoy this scenario and that i’m not too rusty haha. All you did was shake your head and walk out of the room. Jun 11, 2017 · You find out that Jimin was the one who caught your bully and you hug him tightly and cry in his arms. Only leaving your pouting face out for him to see. “Are you kidding me?” You are really perfect “Plot: You and Jimin fights, he calls you clingy and annoying and says he hates when you steal his clothes. as you reached your arms up, your tank top had ridden up as well to show off a piece of your soft, supple waist. Seokjin: So he knew going into this marriage that his wife was drop dead gorgeous but he actually almost dropped dead when he saw you. Anonymous said: their reaction When you look you hate them (like rolling eyes when they talk or being cold with them) and they have a crush on you Answer: Hi! JinHe’ll feel a bit bad whenever you act BTS when they accidentally slap you part II ( Jungkook version ) “Sorry I’m late babies! JUNGKOOK ONLY (Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok coming soon) Hyung line (minus Hope) is on my wall, take a BTS Finding Out You’re Stalked By Sasaeng Fans [requested] Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated. Anytime that you rolled over to hold him he would lift his arms and let you get into a comfortable position on his chest before replacing his arms around your torso. Jungkook: He couldn’t even look at you when the words came out of your mouth. Which was seeing that 100 watt toothy grin you would give him when he strolled into the library and flopped in the chair right across from you. If you had to write a novel, what would you write about? 2. 27 Jun 2019 BTS World enabled fans to become the virtual managers of BTS, but the game version of whose sass has made him one of the most frustrating characters. I hate that people assume that BTS Kookie Bts Bts Bangtan Boy Namjoon Seokjin Bts Scenarios Bts Imagine K Pop Sass Queen Caught Cheating 781 Likes, 21 Comments - ded (@no_jams__suga) on Instagram: “Don't you just hate it when there's no space to fit more stuff #bts #btsmeme #btsmemes #btsreact…” May 16, 2017 · Request: Bts reacting to you (their s/o) getting hate Jin (Seokjin) Jin would encourage his s/o to just ignore any mean comments or hate messages they got, he wouldn’t want his love to see any of the negativity. He was just there to bring you down sometimes. that was another way to release tension. You called him by his stage name. If the argument didn’t continue he would be like Suga, giving you a nasty glare before storming out of the room. Both of you just shuffeling forward in line awardly, not letting go of the hug. ” You weren’t even mad at him, but you went with what Jimin wants. blurb: seeing him on the train made you fall in love and then seeing him as your best friend’s fiancee made you realise how life can be unfair as hell. Despite your efforts to calm him down nothing seemed to work. If she was ten, she would probably hate you almost as much as I did. At first you thought he was kidding but when you found out he was serious you grew nervous and shy. “I hate you! You're never around and  28 Nov 2018 BTS scenario → telling you they're ashamed of you/giving you a reason Usually when Jin's parents came around, it was him that did the cooking to make and what not to make, what his parents liked and what they hated. com/stevendeng You called him Suga. Yoongi x Reader | Sometimes I Hate you more than I Love you PART 1. Worst case scenario would be that you left your camera on the bus  4 Dec 2017 BTS Reaction: Your child says they hate him Jin: Jin's face would fall, hearing what his child told him. “Please, don’t call me that. 13 Dec 2015 You turn your head and look him up and down, you don't hate him; not at all. 12 Jun 2016 i hate you, i love you. I am a BTS Reaction - When they see you become jealous - A/N: Hey guys! It’s been such a long time but I’m finally back >_ Originally posted by we-hate-bts-Our ask box is always open, so feel free to request any scenarios, reactions, snaps or texts, selca or written ships, imagines, convo imagines and drabbles! x. ” His voice cracked at the end of his sentence, tears started trickling down his face. Gets flustered when you catch him staring at your ass. It can be anything and everything! (; REQUEST CLOSED! Anonymous asked: and I don't know what else I hate. kim namjoon 34 Ideas for memes bts face heart You remember the weirdest things that doesn’t matter ~~ but like Taekook? Taekook is real It's cause y'all know taekook cuddle all the damn time #wattpad #fanfiction "Can you please go for me" she insisted like a little baby and You sighed. BTS when you’re cold to him but friendly to other members You like him but the problem is, you don’t know how to handle it. BTS Reactions to you in your wedding dress. “Do I look okay?” You’d ask him hopefully. mayhaps give us a prompt/scenario/dialouge and a character, and we (so I say but  27 Jun 2017 Reactions, Scenarios, Texts & Ships for the following groups; Bts, Got7, meant the things you've said and he didn't take them for granted. First day of school and all the girls in your class hate you. Requested By SparklingBubbleTea You When you say that you hate him When you say you hate him Baekhyun: The words you uttered had quite a profound effect on him. He’s very very devoted and whipped for you. R. Jin. He wanted to scoop you up and tell you that everything you be alright, that the both of you would stay together BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you 😘 Requested by anon Y’all sorry if I You tried to clarify but it was too late. Here you go doll! Enjoy ('':  24 Apr 2018 BTS Reactions : I Hate You It's about damn time I post something, right? lmao. “I’m so sorry,” he pulled you towards him, cradling your head against his chest, “I love you so much. Both metaphorically and literally. Us admins love each and every one of you precious baby stars! x. ” You didn’t push him away, didn’t have the strength right now. ” “And when you receive hate, just try to remember that there are people who love you too. It’s about damn time I post something, right? lmao. A/N: This was requested a while back and finally finished it. “Lemon tea, to help you. You and him have had conversations similar to this before and it never escalated, you just let him be and went about your day. BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. 20 Apr 2018 Anon Asked: can you do a 'reaction to you saying you hate them during a fight' ( mafia!au) for bts maybe? thank you`. Would not be the one to tease you about it. BTS mafia reaction: Disrespecting them infront of their gang. fiction, angst, teahyung. May 25, 2016 · Why are you like this (Jungkook) Thank yo so much for the request I hope you like it Warning: Contains Smut Another day of college and you and Jungkook were tangled in bed, fast asleep at the bright Nov 24, 2016 · BTS Reaction to you wanting to breakup b/c of hate. wait no that’s too basic. ” You just snapped and yelled at him as you tried to yank away again, but his grip on you became tighter before he started to drag you away, from the people nearby who witnessed it and towards the back doors again. He didn’t want you to see him cry, because he knew it would make you even more emotional. You have to start a kpop writing blog, what au do you use and who do you write about? 6. ” Jin stared at you in shock as you walked away from him and went into the bedroom. He’d sigh sadly and hold you arm, making you notice the scars. You sit on the floor and cross your legs. ” “Apology accepted. Jimin listens intently and sways you back and forth and says a small little joke to help lighten up the mood. J-Hope would notice obvious scars on your arm before you. you thought, looking at a guy, tall and fair, obvious platinum-blonde dyed hair. He pulled back and looked you in the eyes, smiling. You cradled her and rocked her back and forth to subside her crying, and sure enough she calmed down and cooed at you. What was the first kpop song you heard / MV you watched? 3. You could kill him right now, you loathed what he did, but the question is, could you loath him? “I hate you! You being around other women! that’s the problem! Now get off of me. ” “I love you too. Sending you hate, even going as far as stalking you. - Darby The boss however doesn’t kill you like you had expected him to, instead he keeps you as his own little prisoner. 13 May 2018 “Jungkook scenario where he is married and bullies and treats the girl really bad. Jin: . The first time you saw him was on the train. hates whenever you sin, but he. ⌇ READ HERE MULAN ( myg ) As the Captain of the Guards, Yoongi should be untouchable and yet, behind closed doors, he can’t help but let you all over him. suga, taehyung, jimin. BTS Reaction: You get hit in front of them . When you told him you would love him no matter what he looked like, if he had tattoos and piercings or not, he would tear up, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from launching into your arms. Seeing you get worse and worse each day for the last few months. I want you to relax. He’d constantly admire you, and protect you if people tried sending you hate. He’d hate to bring them to your attention, but he knew that if you’d see them while you were already out, you’d hate yourself. One of the memebers (you can choose) BLOWING UP your phone because he figured out you like him (and it mutual obviously but he doesnt say right away cuz hes just shocked tbh)” “You know what, I am going to run you a warm bath for after you are done feeding him. Apr 03, 2018 · When you confided in your boyfriend about all of the hate you’d been getting, he would take it all to heart. After becoming the fantasy of many many fans he announced that you and him were dating. I feel like it gets progressively worse as you go down, this isn’t my best writing, please excuse any mistakes. BTS is nothing without you. And Jimin smiled every time you said it, though he never wholly agreed with you. You never called him by his stage name. bts scenarios you hate him